Kind words from my clients…

When I first connected with Sammi, I was feeling lost and unsure not only of the goals I was trying to achieve, but with this ache I had to be feel ‘better’ on a daily basis. I wanted to be as successful as possible in my hockey career, to be a dominant force in international hockey but felt there was an unexplainable pull holding me back from moving closer toward that goal. I felt the negative thoughts I had often manifested, and I wanted to harness this power of manifesting into positive, beautiful outcomes. I was struggling with feelings of anger and doubt on a daily basis, and ached to feel overwhelming confident with a sense of complete ‘knowingness’. I wanted to create a life where I felt calm and confident on a more consistent basis, as at the time, I felt very up and down with my perspective on myself and life. I wanted to find clarity in the relationships within my life, both friendships and romantic. I wanted to be able to align my feelings and energy with the values I had on what constituted as a ‘good life’.

Since coaching with Sammi, I have noticed an incredible difference with how my friends, peers and loved ones communicate and engage with me since starting coaching. I feel more love, more kindness, more positivity in my daily interactions with these people. I have had people comment on the ‘positivity’ or ‘calm’ that I bring to their life. I have had loved ones express how much they cherish the love I give them, and how that love makes them feel so wonderful. This feedback, both directly communicated and indirectly suggested in actions toward me, has provided me with so much love and happiness that on a daily basis I feel so much gratitude for my life and the people with in it.

Through coaching with Sammi, the biggest change I have witnessed in myself is how I feel on a daily basis – a feeling of absolute love for myself and the people and experiences in my life. At times, I have felt overwhelmed by this feeling that I seem to carry so safely and confidently now. My inner world is calm, and even writing this, I feel there is a sunlight inside my little soul that is beaming and flowing – I feel so damn lucky! This has manifested so amazingly into my relationships and life. I feel so strongly connected to my close friends, I have such gratitude and love toward them that I often leave interactions with friends feeling so happy and lucky to have them in my life. This inner calm and love has also manifested into a wonderful, little romantic relationship which is blossoming. After a session we had identifying the ways I wanted to feel in a romantic relationship, and how I could create these feelings myself and with the people already in my life, sure enough as I began sending that energy into the universe through my daily interactions with friends and familymy lovely person appeared! My inner calm and love has also manifested into some incredible changes in my sporting career – I am playing very well at the moment, with some amazing success entering my life, and my teammates and coaches are interacting with me on a whole new level of respect for my abilities.

My experience with Sammi can be summed up in three words – MAGICAL, LOVE, POWERFUL. The changes I have experienced in my life since the beginning of my journey with Sammi have been incredible – in fact, everything that I wanted 4 months ago when I began working with Sammi has come to fruition in the most beautiful way! I sought a deeper love for myself which was calm and confident with a powerful all ‘knowingness’. I sought a more successful journey in my sporting career. And I sought clarity in my emotions and relationships. I feel so lucky to have manifested these changes and be in the space I am in now. I have learnt so many useful tools for connecting with myself, my friends and loved ones, and the universe at large – it feels amazing to feel so aligned with the experiences I am seeking! I can’t thank Sammi enough for helping me to move into my power.

Lily Brazel

I reached out to Sammi for coaching when I realized I was self-sabotaging and kept repeating the same cycles and behaviors.

The biggest change I have noticed in myself since having 2 coaching sessions with Sammi is that I am stronger and more conscious of my limiting beliefs when they come up, this means I can more easily overcome them. 

I would describe coaching experience with Sammi as uplifting, inspiring and thought-provoking. Thanks so much, beautiful Sammi for your amazing help. Over a couple of sessions we have had, I feel like they helped me realize my true potential. I realized that I am the only person limiting myself and that with changing my thoughts, I can create a better life for myself. The one I always dreamed of.

Thank you for being you – the amazing, wonderful, inspiring person you are. Lots of love xx

Melina Celic

Sammi, I would love to share my experience with you and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, skills and wisdom with me.  For a few months, I had been following you, watching your videos and it created a sense of curiosity… I was unclear and overwhelmed with a few new changes in my life and I felt like you had the most incredible energy… and I was right, I felt safe to share my vision with you!

Now, I have clarity on my vision. I was feeling like I had so many visions that I was left confused about where to go and how to get started. These coaching calls have given me so much clarity on my vision but more important who I am and what I am capable of. Thank you Sammi for helping me shine.

Today was the last coaching call with you, I have walked away feeling aligned, open, clear and super determined to create me purpose! I have learnt so much from you, I could write for days!

Thank you for being such a powerful human.

Caitlin Field

I can’t thank Sammi enough for the guidance she has provided me over the past two months through her Life Coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program)! As Sammi reluctantly accepts this praise she constantly reminds me to thank myself, as I’m doing all the work and she is merely helping me access the tools I need to be successful and facilitate my personal growth. It is this demeanour that really helped me connect to Sammi as a coach!

I went in with an open heart and mind, and I truly believe this allowed me to access the most out of the NLP process. Sammi guided me through NLP and within one session I had amazing outcomes.

The process really helped me connect with why I had developed particular behavioural habits and thought processes and how my past experiences contributed to these neuro pathways.

Within three sessions I was thinking clearer, had more energy and physically, mentally and spiritually feeling the positive impact these sessions were having on my life.

Thank you so much Sammi!

Dean Tyrrell

Before I started coaching with Sammi, I was feeling really meh. I didn’t know what was happening, I was having a kind of crisis and I felt lost. I didn’t really know what I was trying to attract, shift or launch.

Sammi has been so easy to talk to and open up to. I feel like I have been able to open more and more after each session. She is judgement free and has really helped me to understand my thought patterns and release limiting beliefs. I feel like I have come a long way since I started my coaching sessions and I have evolved a lot in such a short amount of time. I have more belief in myself and honestly know that I can reach my goals in all aspects of my life. I think the coaching evolved as I did and kept changing to suit what I needed at the time. Although we would work on one area of my life it then helped in other areas without me really thinking about it.

I have lost weight and people have noticed. I feel happier, more determined and committed to reaching my goals. I feel clearer, lighter and happier. I feel I have more direction now in life.

Chloe Park

Sammi is a wonderful friend and coach who has the ability to bring you back to your authentic self. Her coaching has provided me with tools to move forward in my life in the direction I want to be in.

She brings me back to me. She is talented, kind, smart, beautiful, gentle and provides the most beautiful way of coaching. She is knowledge, professional and has an amazing connection with anyone who comes into contact with her.

I highly recommend Sammi for coaching or healing. She will find you what you need and I know Sammi will help you along your journey to take you back to your authentic self in which is where each human individual should be.

Sammi you are amazing!

Carla Lo Presti

I was struggling with my confidence after gaining weight, and wanted to take a step back and look at all of the issues that were affecting me that might affect my weight gain, including emotional struggles causing me to lose confidence and motivation in myself, and causing me to binge and negative talk to myself.

I wanted to get back in touch with myself, become more centred and positive and restore my confidence in myself and move on from the past.

This year I decided that it was my year to be ‘selfish’ and do everything I could do to focus on myself and my goals, no matter the cost or time it required. I had looked into coaching in the past, but after connecting with Sammi through mutual friends I decided that now was the time to take the plunge and not hold anything back.

I feel better about myself, more positive, happier and lighter. This means that I have adapted better to challenges, and challenged myself to improve and try new things!

I would describe my coaching experience as enlightening, rewarding & life changing.

If you are looking into coaching to help you overcome a challenge in your life- work or personal, then I highly recommend Sammi as your coach. Sammi is a delight to work with, highly engaged and understanding, non-judgmental and her service is life changing and well worth the time and money. I could not recommend enough and am incredibly grateful for her guidance in overcoming the barriers in my life.

Megan Davis

Before coaching with Sammi, I was going through a lot of resistance in some relationships very close to me, as well as shifting into a new identity as a working mamma running her own business. I wanted to get clear on my new identity, shift into a new state of personal and business growth and focus more on an abundance mentality.

Since coaching with Sammi, my family have noticed I am less emotionally reactive, I don’t take things as personal so there has been an improvement my relationships.

I am also able to focus more on an abundance mindset. I was very fear focused and had a lack of mentality and now I am way more equipped at catching it and replacing it with something that’s serves me more positively. This has shifted the way I do business, and focus on my new stage of growth. It’s also made me even more sure that I am in the perfect place in my life and I have all the tools I need to be successful. I would describe my coaching experience with Sammi as nurturing and loving.

My time with Sammi has allowed me to look at things through a different sense, a more abundant loving lens. Which has improved my relationships with people I love dearly and enhanced my attitude and outlook on life, business and my purpose.

Mary Kruger