I taught in schools for six years across several different roles; Health and Physical Education Teacher, Science Teacher and as a Year 9 and Year 10/11 Year Coordinator.

Through conversations with students and teachers across a variety of schools, I started to notice common themes across all year groups that were holding students back from experiencing success in all areas of their life.

These include a lack of awareness around personal strengths and how to utilise them, as well as a lack of self-acceptance, self-belief, and a lack of appropriate coping mechanisms to deal with life stressors. There is a strong correlation between connection to self and the ability to connect meaningfully and purposefully with others and the environment.

Increased self-awareness not only has a dramatic impact on a person’s ability to forge meaningful relationships with others, but also helps them to create success and happiness in their own lives.

These conversations inspired me to explore neural psychology in greater depth, with a focus on self-imposed barriers to success and the realities we create for ourselves. I started to implement simple mindfulness exercises into my teaching and the results were amazing! At that point, I decided to further my study and undertake an Advanced Diploma as a Personal Development Coach. I have also completed NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro linguistic Programing), Conscious Meditation Master Practitioner and Extended EDISC Behavioural Analysis training.

Working with Students

•1 in 4 adolescents have a mental illness

•1 in 7 primary schools kids have a mental illness

• 65% of adolescents do not seek help for mental illness

So many young people are disconnected from themselves.

This can show up in many ways, from self-doubt, consistent negative emotions including anxiety and depression, unhealthy relationships with peers, teaching staff, family and community members, and struggling to gain clarity around which avenue they want to pursue in life.

I help students to build a strong connection with themselves. This connection is our most powerful and accurate guidance system we have to navigate life with, but it’s often blocked by the limiting beliefs we hold onto. Removing these limiting beliefs can be tough — that’s why I have created a series workshops.

Our Workshops

We offer a number of workshops that schools can choose from according to the specific needs of the cohort and collective focus of the school.

The underpinning outcomes OF our workshops are:

• Creating a thirst for knowledge (growth mind-set Vs fixed mind-set)

• Creating purpose and vision for life- connecting this with purpose of school

• Increased happiness/motivation for school

• Better connection with self, others (peers, teachers, family, community) and school environment

I have presented to of hundreds of students in schools in the Perth region. I’ve used my knowledge and skills gained from my teaching experience, NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic programming) conscious meditation and life coaching strategies to help students to build a strong connection with themselves, transform their limiting beliefs, emotions and connections that were holding them back from living their ultimate potential.

I have a great love for teaching and I am so inspired to offer these empowering workshops to students across Australia. I know instilling a better sense of self within the students will have a positive ripple effect on all areas of their lives.

Year 12’s from MLC

If you were to tell someone about today’s workshop, what would you say?

 “The workshop was very inspiring and the speaker was very motivating. I loved learning that you can change your mind-set and now I feel like I have the tools to do it.”
– Lucie Anderson

“I loved all of it, especially the optimistic energy from Sammi. I saw the real-life results of what a happy, confident and lovely person you can be if you implement these strategies into your life.”
– Laura McSkimming

“Sammi is a very engaging and interesting speaker. The workshop really opened my eyes to my negative thoughts and how much they are holding me back from my full potential.”
– Rebecca Ong

“It’s really important and easy to listen to Sammi positive perspective and energy. The overall message is really important for everyone to incorporate into their life. Hopefully get to hear more about it at another time.”
– Claudia Halliday

“I would tell them that today’s workshop was incredibly worthwhile and life changing. I feel extremely positive and grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to applying it to my everyday life.”
– Tessa

“It gives you motivation and lifts your spirit if you are feeling down. It gives you information to help you change your perspective. I feel more confident in taking charge of my negative thoughts.”
– Rachel Lavin

“I feel empowered and capable and it is good to remind yourself that you are worthy.”
– Megan

“It’s great to recognise both your positive and negative beliefs and learn to tackle those negative ones!”
– Mikayla Parkin

“You can change the way you think and the way you view life through challenging negative thoughts in your mind. You can do anything!”
– Nicha Thanlissurn

“ It was really enjoyable, it helped me put life into perspective and be grateful for everything we have.”
– Alice Chessell

Working with Teachers

• 1 in 5 adults will experience mental ill-health throughout the year

• Although the figure varies by locality, 40 to 50 per cent of graduate teachers leave within their first five years of teaching

• In Australia, 41% of teachers report high levels of occupational stress

• Teachers make more mental stress claims than any other industry

It is no secret that teachers feel overworked and stressed. Although teachers leave the profession for various reasons, similar themes recur: they feel burnt out, unsupported, frustrated and disillusioned. Research suggests many long-serving teachers are also retiring early, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. With an ongoing pressure on teachers to improve test results, raise the profile of the profession, meet the teaching standards and deliver an overcrowded curriculum,


Research has found that because of the high stress levels:

• almost 70% of teachers do not feel engaged in their work

• affects their teaching, their ability to be responsive and successfully perform their role, and their relationships with students and parents 

According to numerous studies, teacher wellbeing has a huge effect on student achievement.

This is why we have developed personal development workshops for our amazing teachers.

The underpinning outcomes OF our workshops are:

•  For teachers to have an experience of personal development and therefore recognising the importance and impact for themselves as well as the students

• Congruency/ aligned vision and focus throughout the school

• Teachers modelling a common language; positively framed language and terminology

• Encourage the use of strategies within the classroom; rapport building and coping strategies

Content of the personal development workshops for teachers will be custom built, based around workshops chosen by school that will be presented to students.


• THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA- Teacher wellbeing and its impact on student learning– Donna Cross, Winthrop Professor

• PSYCHOLOGY TODAY – How Gratitude Leads to a Happier Life– Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

• THE GREATER GOOD SCIENCE CENTER AT UC BERKELEY – Kindness Makes You Happy… and Happiness Makes You Kind

• THE UNBOUNDED SPIRIT – The Power of Empathy: How Helping Others Can Make You Happy and Improve Your Well-being

• AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION – What are the benefits of mindfulness– Daphne M. Davis, PhD, and Jeffrey A. Hayes, PhD

• MINDFUL – We Should Be Teaching Emotional Literacy in Schools– Daniel Goleman

• AUSTRALIAN BUREAU OF STATISTICS- General statistics on mental health

• WORKCOVER statistics, 2014


Discovery Talks (for Students) – 1 hr

• 1 hour presentation on topic

• No maximum number of students

Workshops (for Students) – 2 hrs

• 2-hour presentation on topic, more practical/ movement and time for discussion

• Student workbooks (printed by school prior to workshop)

 Pre-and post-survey/ collation of data to be presented back to school

• Maximum 32 students

PD for Teachers

• Based around workshops chosen by school to will be presented to students OR specific needs of teachers/ collective focus of school

• Workshops ranging from 2 hour to full day available


Option 1

• 1 workshop per term- 4 in total over year

• 1 full day PD to teachers 

(example- with a cohort of 250 students, workshops could run over 4 days with 2 workshops per day) 

Option 2

• 2 workshops per term- 8 in total over year

• 2 full days PD to teachers

(example- with a cohort of 250 students, workshops could run over 4 days, twice per term, with 2 workshops per day) 


Specialists from Empowering Pathways will be chosen to present according to content of the workshops. Our facilitators include; Teachers, Positive Behaviour Psychologists, Life Coach’s, Movement Specialists and specialists in Neuropsychology.


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