Hey stardust!

Yep, that’s what you are made of, literally!

Before I introduce myself, I have a message for you.

You are magnificent.

This world needs your heart, your radiance and the uniqueness that only YOU can bring.

Hi, I’m Sammi!

I teach people how to recognise their own magnificence.

I am a Transformational Coach, Speaker, Yoga and Meditation teacher, and Co-Founder of The Worthi App.

So many of us are disconnected from ourselves.

This can show up in many ways, from massive self-doubt, consistent negative emotions, unhealthy relationships and struggling to pursue what we actually want in life.

Living the life you truly want it is not a pipe-dream, it’s a real outcome of doing this work.
All of us have unlimited potential, but to tap into it, we first need to learn to connect back to ourselves.
I help people to build this strong connection with themselves…their true self.

This connection is our most powerful and accurate guidance system we have to navigate life with, but it’s often blocked by the limiting beliefs we hold onto. Removing these limiting beliefs can be tough — take it from someone that’s invested countless hours into learning, listening, practising, failing and receiving coaching myself.

I’ve helped hundreds of people to move forward with confidence and clarity towards whatever it is they want to bring into their lives. I’ve used NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic programming) conscious meditation and life coaching strategies to help people to build a strong connection with themselves, transform their limiting beliefs, emotions and connections that were holding them back from living their ultimate potential.

My journey…

I’ve had some pretty traumatic and challenging experiences in my own life including nearly losing my twin brother to drug addiction and everything that comes with that, the heartbreak of ending long term relationships, a massive career change as well as my fair share of fuck up’s. I’ve sat with painful lessons and persevered with insanely uncomfortable emotions. I’ve been caught up in overthinking, feeling depressed, anxious, indecisive and at times, I’ve questioned my decisions and abilities.

When you hit the lows, there are really two options.

Create more of the same, or make a change.

It was a no brainer really, so I chose to make a change. I owned my shit, even when I didn’t want to. I made decisions that were initially uncomfortable, but with the faith that sometimes, our heart knows what our mind can’t always comprehend. I faced all my fears, one by one, until they no longer existed. Two fears that were huge for me included public speaking and spending time alone. I challenged every limiting belief I could find and transformed them into ones that empower and inspire me to keep consciously creating the life I wanted to create. I dug deeper to find purpose and happiness within my own life. I found myself emerged in my own personal development, devouring endless podcasts, at least 100 books and every seminar on personal development, philosophy, neurophysiology and quantum physics that I could find.

Mostly, I became fascinated by the concept that we as humans, have unlimited potential. I became committed to consciously choosing my thoughts and practiced it again and again, until it finally became a habit.

The more I explored expanding my mind and clearing limiting beliefs, the more my heart grew and the more my desire to share with you, grew.

I got to a point in my personal development where it literally felt like my soul was yelling at me to share what I’d discovered with the world.

My transition from High School Teacher, to Transformational Coach…

I first nailed it at shifting limiting beliefs during my third year as a High School Teacher.
Using the techniques I learnt, I shifted the belief that I wasn’t smart enough, to believing that I can learn anything I choose to focus on. Shortly after, things began to change. I went from solely teaching Health and PE, to teaching Science, Human Biology, Biology, Extension Chemistry and Physics. In my fourth year, I became a Year Coordinator and overcame an intense fear of public speaking by MC’ing Year 12 graduation ceremony in front of over 1,600 people.
In my fifth and final year of full time teaching, juggling work with my passion, I completed an Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching, mastering in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) which is basically rewiring or re-programing the brain using language patterns and conscious hypnosis.
I now run a successful business as a transformational coach and speaker, and am the Founder of Empowering Pathways, personal development workshops for teachers and students in schools.

I believe that our purpose is to create, evolve and have fun, and I wholeheartedly believe that every single human deserves to experience more of the feelings of unconditional love and connection that come with the knowing that we are 100% in charge of how we feel and the experiences that we are creating in any given moment.

If the thought of moving towards a life that you get to consciously create instead of drifting aimlessly excites you, then you’ve landed in the right place for a reason. The truth about life is that with a little shift in your beliefs, you can be, do, and have anything you want.

Here are few things that I believe in and some random facts, just for fun:

1. The people that know me best would say that I’m basically a heart with arms and legs.

2. Spending time in nature with no shoes on. 

3. Listening to music and singing LOUDLY… despite having a terrible singing voice.

4. Trying new things, loving hard, being honest, crying because you feel like it.

5.  Using coconut oil for basically everything.

6.  Days off, eating to nourish your soul (even if that on occasion, means hot chips and chocolate), looking at the stars, soul chats, deep connections, spontaneous adventures, activewear and meditation.

7.  Vegemite and avocado on toast.

8. Random dancing outbursts, feeling all the feels and being ok with it, saying yes, and also saying no.

9. Feeling so fucking scared, and doing it anyway.



Sammi xx

4 + 10 =